Motorcycles started gaining popularity in American culture as an everyday vehicle after the end of WWII. With the advancement in technology and use came the need for apparel and safety equipment to go with motorcycles. One of these pieces of equipment is motorcycle helmets which has now become a staple for bike owners. 

Whether you are on the road or a highway, wearing a helmet is a must to ensure your safety and a well fitted helmet can make all the difference if you get caught in an unfortunate situation. 

MARA Leather carries a range of different styles and color to provide you a perfect blend of safety, comfort and style. 

Purpose of a Motorcycle helmet:

A motorcycle helmet is beneficial for the rider in a number of ways. Some of these include:

Improved Aerodynamics: A sound helmet not only keeps the wind out of your eyes  but also helps cancel out the outside noise to keep you more focused on the road.

Improved Visibility: The visor of the helmet keeps the dust out of your eyes. A helmet is an absolute must on long road trips as there can be debris on the highways which can fly off of tires and cause serious damage to the rider. 

Safety: The head and the upper body are most vulnerable in case of a spill. A helmet is vital in such a situation to help you protect from injury from falling. 

Why buy from MARA?

At MARA we offer various motorcycle helmets ranging from German Motorcycle Helmets, D.O.T Daytona Helmets, Full Face and Half Shell helmets. 

There is a helmet for every biker to fit their needs. With our attention to detail and quality we make sure that every piece of equipment has a customized feel to the buyer do that they get maximum out of their purchase. The originality of the design and abundance of various sizes ensures that you remain an integral part of the great history of American motorcycle riding.


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