Why do bikers wear German helmets?

Motorcycles can be seen in abundance on the roads and highways of today’s America. While owning a motorcycle today may be symbolic with freedom, many people don’t know that the modern America’s love affair with the vehicle comes largely in part from our military involvement in the second world war.

Even though the invention of motorcycle goes way back, the vehicle was utilized to its full potential during the WWII.  The motorcycle was introduced to the infantrymen in the USA military during the war to give them greater battlefield mobility. As the usage and popularity of motorcycles grew, along with it came a demand for developing motorcycle protective gear and motorcycle apparel that enthusiasts still use to this day. One of these pieces of riding equipment are the German motorcycle helmets.

What is a German Helmet?

The German motorcycle helmet was designed after the German military helmets of World War One and World War Two. Later, many other helmet designs were developed based on the original German motorcycle helmet, but this style of helmet has remained true to its roots to this day.

The German style helmet does not come with a face shield and look a lot like the half shell of a turtle. The only features that sets it apart from the rest is a turtle shell shaped design, its colors and the chin strap. Although black is a very popular color, a German motorcycle helmets can be bought in various colors for the female motorcycle rider as well. Chrome German motorcycle helmets on the other hand add a certain flair to the overall outlook of the riders and are highly sought after by the bikers.

Why do bikers wear German Helmets?

A lot of biker clubs were founded by WWII veterans in the 60’s. There is a popular notion among biker community that the German military helmets were brought back as souvenirs by the soldiers who wore them with pride in honor of winning the war in the 40’s.

Another popular opinion is that when states started rolling out the mandatory law of wearing helmets in the 60’s, it was mostly veterans who were riding motorcycles at the time and has their war souvenirs handy. Instead of buying new helmets they started wearing the German helmets.

Back in the day German motorcycle helmet was only available as a novelty item but with the design development it became popular with the bikers and today it is known as one of the most popular styles of a motorcycle helmet. It was seen as an extraordinary piece of attire that set the motorcycle rider apart from the rest of the crowd. There are plenty of German motorcycle helmets available nowadays that have been approved by the D.O.T. for use in motorcycle riding.

How to choose the best German Motorcycle helmet?

There are many guides available that not only recommend to use a DOT helmet while riding a bike but also make the search so much easier. We'll break down a few key elements to consider while looking for a perfect helmet to suit your needs.

  • Comfort

Fit, weight and style are the three things that come to mind when you think about a comfortable helmet. Most helmets come in five sizes ranging from extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. The size range refers to the circumference of your head.

While trying the helmet on for buying, make sure that it sits just above your eyebrows. In addition to that it should feel snug enough on your so that it doesn't wobble on your head when you are on your motorcycle. Most helmets come with an adjustable strap provide an additional fit to the wearer. Make sure that the strap closure sits under the chin and feels tight enough to stop the helmet from slipping on either side. Another way to maximize the utility of a motorcycle helmet is by wearing ear pads that will not only protect you from wind but will also help cancel out the external noise that may distract you on the road.

  • Design

With the advent of new and sleek designs, wearing a helmet has gained popularity even in states with non-helmet laws. With this shift came a focus on modern, aerodynamic designs that not only look good but also provide maximum amount of comfort. These designs resemble a lot to retro classic helmets which makes it one of the main reasons to influence the riders to actually wear it.

Motorcycle helmets are usually lined with expanded polystyrene (also known as EPS foam) and topped with an A.B.S. outer shell for protection. The EPS foam liner and hard-shell combo is a pretty standard style. You don’t need an added layer while wearing German helmets, but consider wearing headliners that help keep your head dry and cool.

How to measure for a motorcycle helmet?

Use a cloth tape measure while measuring your head prior to buying a motorcycle helmet. To ensure that you are take accurate measurements, consider using someone’s help with that. The best way to find out the correct size for your helmet is by placing the tape one inch above the eyebrows and taking the measurement of the circumference at that spot. If the measurement falls between two sizes, choose the smaller size. In case there is a minor difference the chin strap will also help adjust the fit for you as well.

Since there aren’t any face shields on the front of the German motorcycle helmet, the motorcycle rider might want to purchase some eye protection equipment to save themselves from dust. This is an absolute must on long road trips as there can be debris on the highways which fly off of tires and cause serious damage to the rider. The eye googles come with a strap which goes around your head to easily keep them in place and are even more securely by the chin strap feature of the German motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycling Tips:

  1. Wear DOT approved helmets

No matter how good a rider you are, it is not possible to control the external factors and therefore you take a spill and end up with an injury or, worse, a concussion. Wearing a D.O.T German helmet will help protect you at such an instance.

  1. Wear Additional Protective Gear

When you fall, your first impulse is to put your hands down in order to regain the balance. The head and the upper body are the most vulnerable when you fall, and it could lead to fractures. Consider wearing other protective gear like gloves, glasses, leather garments, and boots can make for a comfortable and safer ride.

  1. Practice

Everyone is a beginner when they first start riding motorcycles, but practice is what makes us perfect. Make sure to always ride at your level. Don’t try to overdo things on the road, with enough practice, you'll start to feel more comfortable on your bike and can "level up."   

  1. Stay Alert

Always stay alert on the road and keeps your eyes and ears peeled for cars, pedestrians, and all sorts of traffic. Unfortunate accidents can happen due to reasons outside your control. Also, make sure to follow traffic regulations.  


Whether you prefer a chrome, or simply matte color, there is a German motorcycle helmet style for every rider. The originality of the design and abundance of various sizes ensures that you remain an integral part of the great history of motorcycle riding.


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