Women make up about 20% of the motorcycle riding community in the U.S.A, this percentage keeps increasing every year and with this the demand for women motorcycle gear that provides comfort and peace along with the safety, has risen exponentially.

If you want improved mobility and comfort while out on the open road, purchase a ladies' biker vest. You can find the perfect female leather motorcycle vest from MARA Leather online. We carry quality products that not only protects but makes you stand out from the rest, so you can ride in style and protect yourself from the harsh weather and road conditions.

We have a few different chaps styles at MARA Leather to keep you secure and comfortable on your rides We provide quality motorcycle chaps and pants to help you stay safe on and off the road. Our collection of women's motorcycle chaps are not only stylish but are designed with the principle of form follows function. They are lightweight and don't feel too tight or too loose.

How a good motorcycle jacket is rated is paramount to the fact how it fits on a woman's body, therefore, It is very important that a jacket is tailored to women. A riding jacket should reflect your personality while giving you the comfort and protection you need on lengthy rides. Browsing our women's leather motorcycle jackets can help you choose the ideal style.

When choosing your motorcycle gear, consider your lifestyle and the gears' components:

  • Fit: Our adjustable vests and chaps provide maximum comfort on long rides. Adjustable straps and side lacing give you a tailored feel you can change as needed.
  • Attributes: Your biker gear should not only be practical but shall have the style punch. We make our women's motorcycle gear while keeping that in mind. The biker vests are designed and made with various fashionable features such as  durable buttons, straps, and pockets so your motorcycle clothes last for a long time.
  • Materials: We make sure that our ladies' biker gear section has range of materials so our customers  have plenty of options to choose from as fits their needs. View our different materials and find the one that best fits your needs and tastes.

At MARA Leather, Women’s leather motorcycle clothing is available in a variety of weights and designs. We make sure to manufacture our motorcycle riding gear with different linings for comfort in both warm and cold weather.

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