Is a Leather Blazer professional?

While creating a perfect wardrobe for your office you ought to have some pieces for the transitional weather, when it is too hot to wear a sweater but at the same time just a top and pants are not keeping you warm enough. A leather blazer can come in handy at such an occasion.

Apart from that, if you find yourself bored out with wearing pastels to the work every day, a leather blazer is the one piece of outerwear that can help you find that middle ground between edgy and professional. A leather blazer when paired with an otherwise boring pair of khakis and a crisp shirt can not only add a nice touch to your overall outlook but it also turns your outfit into something exciting and noteworthy.

Due to their versatility, leather blazers are in a league of their own. The popularity comes from the fact that they are available in so many colors and are easy to work with your existing wardrobe. While a moto jacket or an all leather outfit may seem too casual for a professional environment, a leather blazer can work quite well if you want try something different with your everyday office wardrobe.

What is a Leather Blazer?

Based on the traditional men’s silhouettes, a blazer is a type of structured jacket, which is particularly designed to be worn in semi-formal or business casual situations where slightly more formal dress is required but not too formal to look out of place. Such occasions may include office settings and gatherings which are neither too formal nor casual.

What makes a leather blazer professional?

The answer to whether a leather blazer is professional is multifaceted. It also depends on the kind of setup it is worn to. Are you wearing it to a meeting or a casual business gathering?

Let’s dig into it:

As far as dressing up for your office is concerned, a leather blazer offers a perfect blend of modern and conservative that enables you to effortlessly style it up the way you want to. The traditional silhouette is typically slightly structured but not too fitted to make you feel stiff or uncomfortable thus making the garment perfect for dressing up or down. Even though a leather blazer comes in both faux and genuine leather, the real leather blazer stands out and has that instant edge which can elevate your simple everyday fits.

On the contrary, leather blazers can also come in handy at other similar situations which tend to be too casual for a suit yet equally inappropriate for something like a ball gown. Despite sharing the same structure leather blazers are more casual than suit jackets, but less casual than sport coats. You can swap you suit jacket with a leather blazer at such gatherings to keep you looking professional and slick at the same time.  

Despite the fact that the structure is based on their tailored predecessors, a leather blazer unlike an actual tailored suit will most likely be made with one size fits all dimensions. Made in both faux and genuine leather, the latter is the most sought-after material in a leather blazer to achieve the desired silhouette. The fashion forward leather strikes a perfect balance between a traditional silhouette and a bold material to produce a style that borders between edgy and professional. Thus, making it neither too formal not too chic.

Depending on the quality of the material, a leather blazer can cost anywhere from $200 to over $500. They are not too common in professional environments, but now that workplaces are becoming increasingly casual and letting go of formal dress code employees are confidently embracing leather blazers. Thanks to their timeless, flattering silhouette and all-weather wear ability, these instant classics are a perfect choice for your first purchase of leather clothing.

Going forward in this blog post, we will share some helpful related products.

What Color Leather Blazer Should I Buy?

It all comes down to your style needs when choosing a perfect color leather blazer to wear to the office. A light tan or brown leather blazer will be easier on the eyes and won't come out as extreme as a blue or a red blazer. Lighter colors tend to have a cooler affect, making them perfect for a business casual look.

That doesn’t mean we can count out a classic black leather blazer. Even going with a darker brown tone over black will give your outfit an office-ready feel.

How to Wear A Leather Blazer to The Office

If you want to slay in a leather blazer in the office, the key is to keep it as simple as possible. A great way to style your leather blazer is to pair it with pastel colored outfit. Going with a softer palette is going to look much better and won’t be too severe on the eyes.

There are plenty of easy ways to accessorize your leather jacket look while remaining professional. Let’s take a look at a few:

Men’s Classic Brown Leather Blazer

Here is a thoroughly modern, semi-fitted sheepskin leather blazer that is appropriate for the office. This jacket is made with premium and soft full grain sheepskin leather and comes in both black and brown color. It can be paired with a crisp collared shirt and a pair of khakis or denims any day of the week.

Men’s Classic Black Leather Blazer

Like its brown counterpart mentioned above, this black leather blazer is a timeless classic. It can be worn throughout the day, from work week into the weekends. You can effortlessly style it for both formal and casual events. A black leather blazer is one piece of garment that is not expected to be going out of style any time soon. It can easily be pared with a turtleneck or a dress shirt and pair of denims for a business casual look.

Men’s Four Pocket Brown Leather Blazer

This blazer is a combination of both vintage and modern. It has a professional yet stylish look to it which makes it perfect to be paired with a softer colored outfit and a tie.


The answer to is a leather blazer professional is, yes. But remember to keep your office outfit as professional as possible. Avoid wearing leather blazers to the interviews as they may appear too flashy in first appearance and you wouldn’t want to lose out on a job based on an outfit choice. Apart from that, it is always a good idea to use a softer color in both your outfit and the blazer to keep your style thoroughly professional. Whatever you choose to wear in the end remember to wear it confidently as it is going to reflect on your personality and your outfit.


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