Are Leather Bomber Jackets in Style 2023?

The first leather bomber jacket was purely born out of necessity during World War I. It was a versatile lightweight outerwear which kept the pilots warm at extreme heights in their open cockpits. Despite its military origin, the bomber jacket gradually trickled into the American subculture and even though still a reminiscent of its ancient past, the leather bomber jacket of today has evolved in many aspects. Be it a super elegant men’s leather jackets or a proper woolen lined bomber jacket, now we have them all. 

Because it was designed particularly for the pilots, to be manufactured by military contractors, the pieces weren’t readily available for common use. Gradually, the bomber jackets started making its way to civilian wardrobes and MA-1 jacket played a significant role in bridging that gap between military and civilian wear­­­­.

Since its inception, the bomber jacket has influenced many subcultures in Europe and the America alike. Britons, however, were the first to adopt the leather bomber jackets outside of military use. Now, it is known to be a hot fashion commodity around the world, and everyone loves wearing these dapper leather jackets.

Historically, the bomber jackets have been a part of many movement, but the 60’s is when bomber jackets started growing in popularity. The latter half of the 20th century, known as the golden period of music and cinema is the time when people started idolizing and dressing up like their favorite Hollywood stars. Not only was leather iconic with punk rockers, many actors, widely loved by the teenagers, played a vital role in appropriating leather jackets into American day to day fashion.

Over the decades, the trend of wearing leather bomber jackets has increased. However, the concern still remains among the people if leather bomber jackets are in style. We are here to explore this question:   

Leather Bomber Jackets: Still In style? 

Despite making its way from war zone into the fashion, the bomber jacket was and still is synonymous with military. Because it was designed to be versatile, the bomber jacket has now become a bonafide timeless wardrobe essential.

Traditionally a menswear piece, the bomber jacket has since become popular with all genders. The grunge and alternative movements of the 90’s also made it a favorite and now we’re seeing it everyone donning it – including pop culture leaders such as Gigi Hadid, Ben Affleck and Kanye West.

Even though, the style and the types of bomber jackets we have today has indeed evolved, but the basic silhouette remain the same. So, yes, leather bomber jackets are surely in style. Designed on the principle of function over form, this jacket is still tasteful even by today’s standards. Ever since it has made its way into fashion, the fashionistas have styled leather bomber jackets according to their taste in order to stand out among the rest. Back in the day, they were not that common or accessible, but it has now become arguably the most engrained clothing item in American streetwear fashion. You can see both men and women wearing a leather bomber jacket almost anywhere or at any sort of event.

Are you still confused about whether a leather bomber jackets is still in style? Let us give you a few examples of classic bomber jackets that have been in style for decades and without a doubt aren’t going out of fashion in near future.  

Some Timeless Styles of Bomber Jackets

While the structure of a classic bomber jacket has remained the same, wearing one today indicates that you have a knack for both modern and vintage fashion alike. Even though a bomber leather jacket is a forever wardrobe staple, the point is to not look basic while donning one. Here are some of the styles of evergreen bomber jackets that are guaranteed to elevate your style game:

Shearling Leather Bomber Jacket

RAF and B-3 to this date remains to be the most commonly bought and used styles of classic bomber leather jackets. While the exterior of the jacket is made out of smooth and supple leather, the inside of the jacket including collars sport a fur lining sourced from sheepskin-- material is meant to provide maximum warmth in harsh cold temperatures.

These jackets are slightly different from their classic counterparts as it is replaced with an elasticized ribbed knit trim, these b-3 bomber jackets have straight wrist cuffs and hem.

Aviator Jacket

While all of the bomber jackets have military roots, the B3 was the first Leather jacket specifically designed for aviation crews. Crafted with sheepskin exterior and heavy-duty sheep fur the B3 bomber, was first introduced for royal air crew in 1930’s.

This vintage leather bomber jacket features a heavy-duty non-corrosive frontal zipper and welted seams. The soft and insulating interior of the jacket provides great warmth in extremely cold weather.

Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

These jackets are a modern take on the classic bomber jacket. Usually seen as a cross between aviator and a motorcycle style, the hooded bomber jackets are a trendy piece of clothing that never seems to go out of style. These jackets are often lightweight, usually made out of soft sheepskin leather. The hooded collars are often removable and also include adjustable drawstrings. The front zipper gives the jacket a chic look. The jacket is equally perfect for relaxed and casual settings.

Suede Leather Bomber Jacket

The all-weather wearability of a suede leather bomber jacket makes it a perfect piece of outerwear to invest in. It makes for a great layering piece for winters. A regular fit suede bomber jacket comes with ribbed hems, collar and front zipper fastening.

Suede jackets come in a number of colors and the versatility allows for experimenting with other wardrobe pieces.     


Leather jackets are a classic piece of outerwear, and with proper care they are meant to last for decades. What makes bomber jacket a staple piece is the fact that it was able to grow out of functional necessity and while fashion trends may come and go, the bomber never seems to stay out of our wardrobes for very long. The varying styles of the classic jacket mean that it can be worn throughout the seasons, at all sort of events.


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