Why do bikers wear denim vests?

Living in Southern America, you may all have witnessed bikers riding in groups and while their choice of bikes may be different, there is one thing that is common, they all love to wear vests.

Sometimes, the bikers you see on the road, are wearing Denim Vests instead of leather and you can’t help but wonder why is that? Here are some of the reasons why some bikers prefer denim over Leather:


  1. Breathability

Denim offers excellent breathability in the summer, which is the peak biking season. While you want protection, you don't want to be wearing gear that will get too hot and cause discomfort.  If you are hitting the road on a hot summer day, a denim vest will help you stay brisk when biking by providing the right amount of ventilation that you need.

  1. Protection

Vests are meant to be a protective gear for a biker and therefore shall withstand the test of times with constant wear and tear while remaining just as tough as they were on the first ride.

Denim since its invention is known to be one of the toughest fabrics there is, therefore a good quality denim vest will allow you to maneuver easily and freely while still fitting snugly enough to keep your torso protected from unexpected weather conditions.

  1. Lightweight

Wearing a leather vest on a hot day can be uncomfortable. Since a leather vest carries weight it will not only weigh you down on your ride during hot weather, but will also make you look out of place A denim vest is a perfect alternative to that, it is lightweight and will be more comfortable to wear on hot and humid days.


  1. Inexpensive

You want a vest that fits your budget while still offering the exceptional quality that you desire. Denim is an inexpensive material compared to leather. Hence, investing in a denim vest would not set you back that much as compared to a leather vest. Not only is it lightweight, it is light on the pocket as well.

  1. Perfect for Patches

The bikers love to showcase their badges and patches on by putting them onto their vests. The denim vests feature a back panel that will be perfect for your club's patch. The fabric material makes it easier for bikers to sew or iron on their favorite patches to serve up plenty of style.

  1. Durability

The sturdiness of a denim vest allows it to keep its shape, with little concern for stretching or snagging. The stretchiness makes it comfortable and easy to wear, and allows you to have that mobility you want even after riding for hours. The good thing about a denim motorcycle vests is its versatility which makes it popular among bikers who want both comfort and durability without compromising on the style.

  1. Pockets

Denim vests have multiple pockets to store various items such as lighter, cards, keys, money, phone and many more. Instead of going for another storage space within your bike, if you need to store anything for easy access then simply put it in the pockets of your vest.


The denim vest has and always will be a classic and is at the heart of American motorcycle riding experience. Not only is it an excellent alternative to a leather vest during harsh summer weather but also carries less weight while providing the same level of comfort and mobility. Denim vests are the perfect addition to a biker’s wardrobe, and a great way to stay cool and comfortable on those hot summer days!


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